Original Chiodos vocalist Craig Owens has reunited with the band. The singer left the band in 2009 and last year released an album with the supergroup Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows. [Alt Press]

Former Skid Row and Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varone just debuted a porn film he directed about the swinger lifestyle called Swinging American Style. The movie is now available on Vivid.com and in stores on May 1. [Blabbermouth]

Symphony X will play six shows in September. They hit Mexico on Sept. 8; Washington, D.C. on Sept. 10; Baltimore on Sept. 11; Pittsburgh on Sept. 12; Joliet, Ill. on Sept. 13; and Atlanta on Sept. 15. The latter date is ProgPower, which they will headline, of course. [NBA Press Release]

The reunited LA metal crew known as Spineshank have premiered the new song "Nothing Left for Me" and, well, it rips. Check it out. It'll appear on Anger Denial Acceptance, which drops on June 19. [Loudwire]

Watch Chiodos' "The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge Is Unquenchable" Video

Slash slithered into Slack erRadio's studios – we said slithered because he likes snakes and we wanted to keep up the "S" alliteration- during Canadian Music Week to discuss Betty White, anacondas, social media and his favorite electric guitarist of all time. Find out what he thinks about all those subjects and more by watching the video interview. [Slacker Radio]

Demon Hunter, who tour infrequently, which bums us out since we love them, will tour this summer as part of the Scream the Prayer tour, which runs through June. They will then embark on the True Defiance tour from late July through early August. Bring it, boys! [Demon Hunter Press Release]

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