Longtime hardcorists Sick of it All, H2O and Earth Crisis will team up to share the stage with 15 other bands at Saint Michael's Park in Monte Clare, Penn. on June 12 to perform at the second (and more appealing) day of East Coast Tsunami Fest. The second day is an outside event that is expected to be a circle pitting juggernaut; it kicks off at the ripe early hour of 11 AM. Other confirmed acts include Mushmouth, Strength for a Reason and All Out War. It's a veritable mid-'90s hardcore explosion and two days of mayhem in Pennsylvania! There's even a Fury of V jam planned. Now, I'm not sure what the hell that means, but I remember these Jersey tough guys from the mid-to-late '90s -- and like Wu-Tang Clan, FOV ain't nuttin' to f--- with!

The fest actually kicks off the day before, on June 11, with Death Threat, CDC, Barricade and four other acts on tap to rock out at Polish Club, located nearby in Phoenixville, Penn.

"This fest has turned into an event we never dreamed of happening," Chris Mahmood of OTW Booking, co-organizer of the festival, said in a prepared statement. Mahmood is working with Adam Engle and Ryan Zeigler of Stay on Point Booking, the pair who actually conceived the fest.

Mahmood said that he and his cohorts wanted to collect awesome bands, include some reunions and have the fest occur in the outdoor setting so it's more comfortable for participants and ticket holders. Mahmood said, "In Europe, there are so many outdoor festivals and I think we need to have more here. Plus outdoors, you can escape the music if you want to. There is going to be volleyball and pick up football games and great food for everyone. I've personally wanted to do an outdoor fest like this for the last 10 years and now we finally have the opportunity."

The idea for the fest derived from Chris Brickhouse's previous festivals, popularized by his website, StereoKiller. It's is a punk/metal/hardcore-focused social networking hub that operates on a simple thought: 'Because your mom ruined Facebook!' The site has over 250,000 users and is responsible for creating the initial buzz on Tsunami Fest, which should one hell of a hardcore party. Bring your face mask, your wallet chain and throw on that old Strife or Burn T-shirt and come out!

Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased at StereoKiller.

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