The Sick of It All Interview — ”Creep Show’
The Sick of It All Interview — ”Creep Show’
It was clobberin' time at the Noisecreep studios when Sick of It All vocalist Lou Koller and drummer Armand Majidi dropped by for a friendly 'Creep Show' interrogation. Koller and Majidi discussed all things New York hardcore, recounting memories of the characters, such as bouncers, band members and scenesters, that dotted the Sunday Matinee landscape in the mid-1980s, during the scene's heyday..
Snapcase Reuniting
Buffalo post-hardcore band Snapcase -- known for chunky, stop-start riffing and for turning the world of hardcore on its ear in 1997 with the groundbreaking 'Progression Through Unlearning' album and the equally innovative 'Steps' EP -- have reunited...
Sick of It All, ‘Death or Jail’ — New Song
New York hardcore pioneers Sick of It All have returned with 'Death or Jail,' the first new song from their upcoming album, 'Based on a True Story,' which comes out April 20. The band wrote the track about friends who have pursued a path of self-destruction that landed them either behind bars or six feet under...

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