Fans of Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery will be pleased to know that the musician and Southern gent is working on a new Hello Demons…Meet Skeletons EP. He offered an update via an informative post on his official site, revealing that he is winging it and that his only plan is to not have a plan. That's how some of the best musical magic happens.

The music he makes in Hello Demons...Meet Skeletons has been acoustic in nature and offers the guitarist an outlet in which to stretch, flex and use creative muscles outside of his main band. There's nothing wrong with that. However, he admitted he thinks the new material will be more of a hybrid of rock and acoustic. He also revealed that he is on a time crunch with six days to get the work done, but we have faith that he'll knock it out of the park.

Below is the full text of Lowery's update. He certainly offers some keen insight into what he's got going on. He talked about sobriety, being a good father, fulfilling himself creatively and promised fans that he does not do other projects because he is not satisfied by his work or output in Sevendust. In fact, having other outlets makes him a better musician overall.

Without further pause, hear it from Clint Lowery himself.

Going in the studio-
Flying on my way to Newark to pop into Architekt studios to record a new Hello skeletons EP. I've written a few ideas leading up to it but really have no idea what direction to go. All I know is that I don't want to plan it out. Up till now most of the HDMS stuff has been acoustic based music which has been a good escape from what I do in 7dust. Call me no one was upbeat rock music which I also loved doing and pushing myself vocally. With this I think it will be a hybrid. Kurt W who has worked with me on several projects will be my other half on this. I want to adapt some of his approaches to writing on this and broaden the horizons a bit. When I spoke to him about it he thought a concept record would be good idea and I've always wanted to do that. I also want to try going from one side of the spectrum to the other. Maybe start off with an acoustic track and mold into grittier stuff and end with the heaviest thing we can put together.
The beauty in this is that there isn't a particular sound we have to create, I can see this going into all kinds of directions within these 5 or so songs we do. The trick is, we only have 6 days to do this. Basically doing half a full length record in less than a week. But the pressure for me is good. It helps me focus. Being a father and a husband takes most of my time at home so when I enter the studio I have alot of creativity built up. But there aren't any promises on how this week will shape up. There's always the fear of hitting the dreaded "DRYSPELL" or simply not finishing the amount of material we shoot for but that's part of it. If we can't finish in time then we will postpone until we have the goods.
I just pray for a good result and to release some creativity and relieve the pressure. If I don't write or record something over a certain amount of time I go crazy and my wife Tara can testify to that
It's one of the only things I feel like I'm good at doing and it's an itch I have to scratch more often than not.
It's what I do. It's all about balance I think. I can't be a good father or husband if I don't provide and don't do what I feel in my heart I have to do and I can't create good music if I don't spend time with my family. Both of those factors, family and music, are huge parts of me. Sobreity is on top because without that I lose all of it and I have no illusions about that.
I don't do these projects because I'm unhappy with 7d, I do these because it enhances what I do for 7d. If I didn't do this I'd become very close minded and lose an edge. I can't idle for a year and a half between some records. Some people can, but life's too short. I'm very thankful to the small group of supporters that keep up with all the names of these projects. Cmno- hdms- DND- haha. It seems like more activity than it really is. Between producing, writing and touring I am busy but the actual tracking and creating of music is a small percentage of my year. Touring takes the win on that. I'm just thankful for an understanding wife and family, and suportive fans who dig the music and message. My wife is actually coming up at end of week so I will have her there to support and she will have a Lil mama time to her self to do things she wants to do.
I hope one day my kids listen to this music and appreciate where it came from. Even if they don't consider it "cool" they can atleast say that dad loved making music and hopefully apply that focus to whatever it is that moves them.
I'm ready to get to it here in a few hours. Wish me luck and ill post some updates on the social media sites like always. Much love and respect to you and hope you enjoy the final product whatever that may be. Hell I hope I enjoy it
God bless