System of a Down singer Serj Tankian posted his thoughts on President Barack Obama's plan to take action against Syria for its alleged use of sarin gas last week in a Damascus suburb. The incident, spearheaded by dictator Bashar Assad, claimed the lives of 1,429 people.

"I'm really concerned about the 'evidence' against the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons as an excuse for intervention," said Tankian in an Aug. 29 post. "Remember the 'slam dunk' evidence against Iraq? Why would Assad use chemical weapons when he has the lead and in his own neighborhood? Doesn't make any sense to me. Would it be a far notion to assume that Al Queda or Al Nusra Front would do this to get the West involved?"

Tankian is not supportive of proposed air strikes in the vicinity, but instead is supporting an "international, multilateral, UN peace-keeping force" to put an end to the civil war. After his original post on the subject, Tankian thanked the people who commented on his posts and described their diverse views as "illuminating."

"Once the civil war has ended, it will be easier to deduce the guilty parties on both sides have broken international laws and conventions and bring them to justice, preferably through the ICC or world court to help strengthen those institutions to deal with crimes against humanity instead of weakening them, as the U.S. has in the past," added Tankian.

On the creative end, Tankian has been exploring an entirely different musical avenue of late, as he's part of the jazz group Jazz-Iz-Christ. The frontman recently uploaded a video for the track 'Yerevan to Paris,' and the musician plays bass guitar in the clip.