Young Guns, whose song ‘Bones’ from their second album of the same name, reached No. 1 on multiple rock charts in the U.S., are hard at work on their follow-up album in New York City.

The UK rock band -- lead vocalist Gustav Wood, guitarists John and Fraser Taylor, bassist Simon Mitchell and drummer Ben Jolliffe -- has been in New York “doing some writing, fast demoing and pre-production all in kind of one big chunk,” Wood told Alternative Press recently.

“We’ve managed to get what I think is a pretty great amount of material [together] in a short amount of time. We’re really excited; we’re in a really great place right now. It’s inspiring to be -- as a [group] from London -- to wake up every day and go to Times Square and to make music with my mates.”

The singer gives the music site two different answers when asked who will be producing the new album, first saying they have a “shortlist of people” then saying, “It’s a done deal but hasn’t be confirmed yet.” Either way, it seems they are close.

He adds the sound of the new songs is shaping up to be “quite an evolution.” “This record is really about challenging [ourselves] to be more creative and hopefully a little more unique,” he said.

“I think we want to make a record that it doesn’t matter if you like rock music or like pop music. I hope at the end of day, a good song is a good song. That’s our only goal,” Wood said later, name-checking Placebo as an inspiration. “We don’t want to be any kind of scene band; we never have. We don’t want to be an ‘active rock’ band or a ‘mainstream’ band; we just want to rock and have a good time doing it.”

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