O’Brother recently released their second full-length album, ‘Disillusion,’ and guitarist Johnny Dang recently opened up about how they achieved their high-gain riffs overlaid with ambient noise and feedback.

Hailing from Atlanta, the band derives its sound greatly from using three guitar players to produce heavy, layered melodies. In order to fully immerse themselves into recording their new album, the band traveled to Long Island. There, they hunkered down in mixer Mike Sapone’s studio. “This time around, we wanted him to be more a part of the whole process, as a producer and a band member. We drove up to his home studio in Long Island to make a record,” said Dang to Guitar World. “It was something we all lived and breathed for a month straight.”

The O’Brother guitarist said most of the guitars on the album ran through his custom 2x12 Janice cabinet. For much of the clean tones, the band used an old Hiwatt 100 head. They also used a VoxAC5, a Fender Bassman 100 and a Bassman 50, as well as some Orange amps. To get the massive, distorted sounds, they played a baritone guitar through a Soldano-modded Marshall. Dang also said Fuzzrocious pedals were responsible for much of the fuzz sounds on ‘Disillusion.’

The guitarist said the band also used a lot of random toys and instruments in their search to find new sounds. Sapone’s studio already had several unique instruments, but others were provided by friends and Dang says all of the options just fed his hunger for feedback and noise. “Most of the time in the studio was spent getting tones, making guitar noises/feedback, and messing around with countless pedals,” said the guitarist. “That has always been my favorite part about recording; I have the most fun when someone puts me in the tracking room for 10 minutes to make feedback.”

O’Brother is currently on tour, playing now through the month of September. For tour dates and band news, visit their website.