"It's a comical political song talking about abusive capitalism and the differences created in economic stature and the reaction to it. CEOs have gotten away with murder, until now," Serj Tankian tells Noisecreep about "Figure It Out," the first single off his forthcoming third solo album, Harakiri.

A self-produced affair, Harakiri finds the System of a Down singer's voice bobbing and weaving through a plethora of sounds including everything from orchestral pop to forward-thinking metal. "I just can't see myself ever sticking to one kind of music, or art form," Tankian told Noisecreep in an earlier chat about the new album, which hits stores on July 10. "It's exciting to work on different styles of music because they allow me to express myself in such different ways. The way I can project a certain kind of vulnerability – an almost sadness – in a small section of a symphonic piece is something that I could never do on a rock record."

In this Noisecreep exclusive, we're proud to bring you the video premiere for "Figure It Out."

Watch Serj Tankian's "Figure It Out" Video

Serj Tankian's third solo album, Harakiri, will be out on July 10 via Reprise Records/Serjical Strike and can be pre-ordered at this link. Pick up the "Figure It Out" single over at iTunes.

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