Canadian metal group Kittie debuted a song called "Vultures" over the weekend at Las Vegas' Sick New World Festival, which is their first bit of new music in 12 years.

One of the many performers at the event, Kittie played a 9-song set, which included "Vultures," as well as their first performance of the Spit track "Do You Think I'm a Whore" since 2003 [via]. Though there isn't an official studio version of "Vultures" out yet, it's their first new song since their 2011 album I've Failed You.

See fan-filmed footage of their performance of "Vultures," as well as another video of their full set, below.

Kittie have been quiet over the last decade. While they were still quite active throughout 1012, they only played one show in 2013 and another in 2017, and then didn't take the stage together again until the 2022 Blue Ridge Rock Festival this past fall. The group has played another five shows since, including this latest set at Sick New World. But apparently, we can expect to hear more from them throughout the rest of this year, according to a conversation that vocalist and guitarist Morgan Lander had with Audio Ink Radio in early 2022.

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"We don’t have anything set in stone, but I think it’s something that, like I said before, once these doors are open, I think we can expect to feel comfortable doing a few more little things here and there and hopefully we’ll be able to do some more one offs in the States and Europe and that type of thing, so the possibilities are endless," she said.

As of now, the only other performance Kittie have scheduled in 2023 is at the Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky this September, so stay tuned to see if they have anything else in store.

Kittie Debut New Song 'Vultures' at 2023 Sick New World Festival

Kittie - 2023 Sick New World Festival Full Set

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