The 69 Eyes, ‘Dead and Gone’ — Video Premiere
When it came time for the 69 Eyes to make their second video off the band's 'Back in Blood' album, the sights of one American city were the only backdrop needed for the Finnish vampire rock band. "As the 69 Eyes started their U.S. tour from San Francisco, I came in to an idea ...
Bam Margera Gets Serious, Kind Of — Video
Professional Skater by age 13, TV star by 21 when he took swings at his dad in their West Chester, Pa. home on the show 'Jackass.' Bam Margera has led an interesting life, completely all of his own designed path, and as of this past Tuesday, Margera has had released a book, 'Serious as Dog Dirt,' collecting personal drawings and pictures from the past 10 years giving everyone a serious -- yet pain
‘Saw VI’ Soundtrack Packed With Metal
Even if movie sequels get progressively lamer the higher up the numbers go, the accompanying soundtracks sometimes get better and better. We're not sure how good the movie 'Saw VI' is, but the soundtrack is pretty rad, featuring new recordings by Suicide Silence, Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Outbreak and Nitzer Ebb, as well as previously released music ranging from hard rock
Vampire Rockers 69 Eyes Aren’t Twilight Haters
Nothing is hotter in pop culture right now than vampires -- the 'Twilight' film and book series, HBO's 'True Blood.' Vampires are all the rage now, and the bloodsuckers often enjoy cultural ebbs and flows, with Anne Rice and 'The Lost Boys' also having had their day out of the sun, in keeping with vampire lore...
The 69 Eyes: ‘We Brought Back the Danger’ on ‘Back in Blood’
There's no better place for a glammed out, vampire rock band to record an album than in Hollywood. The 69 Eyes parked their hides in the studio with producer Matt Hyde for their latest, 'Back in Blood' -- an album that feels injected with an extra potent dose of rock 'n' roll swagger, something that the Helsinki-based band has always been known for...