If you're a fan of early '80s hardcore, then The Alligators have your number. Featuring Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret along with bassist Rich Labbate, drummer Steve Larson and guitarist Barret Burt, all of California's Insted, The Alligators write the kind of lean and mean songs that get your blood boiling from the word go.

Since The Alligators' debut album, 'Time's Up, You're Dead,' is hitting stores next week, Noisecreep asked Miret to be the latest musician to take part in our 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series. As you'll see below, the singer didn't just stick to full-length records, and included a few essential 7"s.

'The Clash,' The Clash (1977)


"This is one of the first punk records I bought. Everything about it was RAW at the time. A true classic!"

Favorite track: 'White Riot'

'Decontrol' 7", Discharge (1980)


"In the early days most of the records I bought were 7"s. You could pick up 3 for the price of a full length. For some reason this one stands out to me. I don't know if it's the lyrics or the anger in the music but when I picked this up I knew where punk was headed. I started thinking about forming a band shortly after."

Favorite track: 'Tomorrow Belongs to Us'

'Minor Threat' EP, Minor Threat (1981)


"This record represented the American punk movement in the early '80s. It was HARDCORE. Loud, fast, and pissed off."

Favorite track: 'Screaming at a Wall'

'Negative Approach' 7", Negative Approach (1982)


"I saw them at the Mudd Club. The live show was just as fierce as the record. Great band."

Favorite track: 'Whatever I Do'

'How Could Hell Be Any Worse?,' Bad Religion (1982)


"I remember this record didn't have a big impact on the east coast but it did on me. It was one of my favorites from California. It was fast and melodic. The songs are strong and still relevant today."

Favorite track: 'Pity'

The Alligators' 'Time's Up, You're Dead' will be out on March 27 via Bridge Nine. Pick up the album here.