Rob Zombie's resume reads like a teenage metal fan's dream come true. The 46-year-old jack-of-all-trades first rose to prominence while fronting New York City's White Zombie, which he followed with a platinum-plated solo career. In between his hectic recording and touring schedule, Zombie has also managed to become one of Hollywood's most sought-after horror film directors.

His debut film, 2003's 'House of 1000 Corpses,' became a worldwide box office and DVD success. Since then, Zombie has directed three more features, including two 'Halloween' remakes.

"My next film is called 'The Lords of Salem,'" Zombie told Noisecreep during a recent interview.

"The project started about a year ago when the producers of 'Paranormal Activity' approached me about working together with them," he continued. "They asked me if I had any ideas along the lines of a psychological horror film. I told them that I actually already had been working on something called 'The Lords of Salem.'

"From there, I pitched them the ideas I had and they loved them and got on board. We've been working on it ever since then. The script has been done for a while and the effects guys are currently working on that end of things. So as soon as I get done with these tour dates I have scheduled, we'll start shooting in September."

When Noisecreep pressed Zombie for more details, the director wasn't quite ready to give up the goods. "We haven't even cast it yet. It does tie into the Salem witch trials, but the story takes place in the present. That's all I'll say for now, but it's definitely going to be a scary film."

Never one to be tied down to one specific style or genre, Zombie recently filmed a television commercial for an unlikely product.

"About three weeks ago I was up in Vancouver shooting a commercial for [laundry detergent] Woolite. It was sort of strange, but I love doing stuff like that," Zombie said.

Noisecreep told him if someone would have told us back during the White Zombie days that their singer would one day be filming laundry detergent commercials, we would have thought they were insane. "Exactly, but that's great. An ad agency from Australia had reached out to me about doing the commercial and I had originally turned it down because I was so busy. But then some things opened up and then I was able to do it. I'm glad I did."

We'll never look at laundry detergent the same way again.

Watch the video for 'More Human Than Human' by White Zombie

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