Rival Sons, who signed to Earache in November of last year and will release 'Pressure and Time' in late May, formed on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Though they have opened for the likes of Kid Rock and AC/DC, the boys in Rival Sons still like to keep things as unkempt as possible.

"We play rock 'n' roll and we play it dirty," vocalist Jay Buchanan recently told Noisecreep. "We don't really practice. We try to shower, wear clean clothes, and be good boys, but it seldom works out that way."

Buchanan took a moment to talk about each member of the band. "[Bassist] Robin is an accomplished jazz player, and the guy loves Motown and listens to rap a little too much for my liking. [Drummer] Miley also has deep roots in jazz and Latin percussion as well as rock, and he shares the same birthday as Keith Moon. He'll be the first to tell you that he listens to Steely Dan a little too much for my liking. [Guitarist] Scott is highly influenced by Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, and Keith Richards, and he talks about ninjas and muscle cars a little too much for my liking. I whine and complain into a microphone for a living, and I talk to myself a little too much for my liking."

Buchanan also took a moment to give a middle finger salute to the group's critics. "We get nailed as a '70s rock revival band. To that, I give a big 'F--- you.' F--- your glockenspiels and twelve-piece boys and girl's single floor tom up front for the singer to play and everybody sings the chorus family band. F--- your control issues with your parents even though you're an adult and f--- your eyeliner. We're not a rock band. We are a rock 'n' roll band."

As Buchanan tells it, Rival Sons weren't stressed or nervous over opening for huge acts like Kid Rock and AC/DC. "Kid Rock? Whatever, his fans were very appreciative," Buchanan said. "AC/DC? Are you kidding me? The show was a kick, but the real honor is knowing that Malcolm and Angus handpicked us. You dream about that kind of thing growing up, man. Nerves? For anxiety, my doctor prescribes Jack Daniels."

That's rock 'n' f---ing roll, for sure.

Rival Sons will be "hitting a grip of European festivals throughout the summer and touring with Judas Priest all of July, and hopefully writing another record while we're at it," Buchanan said. "Someone's probably going to stab me for leaving something important out, but that's all I can conjure at the moment. Check back with me next week."

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