Randy Blythe is making an impassioned plea to fans, asking them to help his sister-in-law Bianca, who is currently fighting cancer. In a lengthy post to his official Instagram page, which can be read in full below, the Lamb of God frontman reveals Bianca is battling Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and her friends have set up a GoFundMe page to assist her in offsetting medical costs.

"I’ve posted here about & donated my money to various fundraisers for musicians with medical bills (just scroll back.)," Blythe says. "I’m not saying this because I’m the greatest dude on earth (because I’m absolutely NOT) but I definitely have tried to use my position as a musician/photographer/writer to help others, whether it’s friends, fans, fellow musicians, or strangers. Up until now, it’s always been people outside my family – sadly, that is no longer the case."

Bylthe adds that while "her spirit is strong and she’s fighting hard," his younger brother Scott still has to go to work, as does Bianca when she is able. "They still have my 7-year-old nephew to look after - it’s exhausting for all involved, especially Bianca."

"This cancer bullshit is EXPENSIVE, so if you can, kick down a few bucks (of course, my wife & I already have)," Blythe adds. "If you can’t, send her some positive vibes - she’s the best & my family needs her to stick around for a long time. I freaking hate this cancer crap!"

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, triple negative breast cancer can be more aggressive and difficult to treat and is more likely to spread and recur. It occurs in about 10 to 20 percent of diagnosed breast cancers. Common cancer treatments typically prove ineffective, though chemotherapy is one of the options to help fight it.

To help Bianca reach the $20,000 GoFundMe goal, head over to this location.

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