On Aug. 7, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson turned 60 years old. That same night, he performed a concert in Birmingham, England, where the crowd interrupted Bruce’s speech by singing “Happy Birthday” to the new sexagenarian.

Iron Maiden’s current Legacy of the Beast tour is perhaps the band’s most elaborate yet, focusing heavily on Maiden’s wartime classics. Maiden even got their hands on a WWII era Spitfire plane, which Dickinson began speaking about before the Birmingham crowd took control for a birthday celebration.

“I had forgotten it was my 60th birthday until you reminded me,” Bruce said. Dickinson also reminded the crowd he’s “the baby of the band,” but drummer Nicko McBrain hopped on a mic to say, “He’s the old git of the band now!”

Dickinson replied, “Stop mucking about and get on with the fucking concert!”

Continuing with his history lesson, Dickinson spoke about those very Spitfire planes being flown into battle by young men and women who were just a third of Bruce’s current age. “A lot of those young pilots never got to see their 60th birthday, because they died fighting for freedom, they died fighting for their country against the Nazis, and some things are worth fighting for.”

Watch the city of Birmingham wish Bruce Dickinson a very happy 60th birthday in the clips above.

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