All may be well in the world of rock and roll, as it seems vocalist Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd could be back with AC/DC. The duo were photographed together outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios, where the last three AC/DC albums were recorded. Could this mean a new album is coming?

A few days ago, a Canadian journalist claimed a reliable source bumped into Phil Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young, although there was nothing to report other than hearsay. Now, it seems a “smoking gun” has been revealed, with an added surprise in Brian Johnson potentially back in the mix.

A photo of Rudd and Johnson was shared by The Georgia Straight earlier this morning:

Phil Rudd was booted from AC/DC following an incident in 2014 where the drummer was charged with attempting to procure a murder, threatening to kill and possession of meth and cannabis. Johnson exited the Australian band mid-tour after suffering serious hearing issues, which could have potentially caused complete hearing loss.

Despite some early trepidation from the public, AC/DC got rave reviews when Axl Rose stepped up as vocalist, helping the band complete their tour following Johnson’s departure. Reports pointed to Rose remaining in AC/DC and even recording an album with the band, but it seems like Johnson could be back in the mix.

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