Poison the Well's first studio album, 'The Opposite of December,' is celebrating its 10th birthday, and the band has been receiving much attention for it. Still together, since 1997, the band has reached a landmark status for surviving in a genre where many bands break up and make up all too often.

Founding guitarist Ryan Primack recently discussed Poison the Well's newest LP, 'The Tropic of Rot.' He says that everyone derives their own meaning, but to him it's "commentary on [how] we come from a place that everyone thinks is vacation town, but it's actually a pretty depressing and stagnant place to live. Sleep, drink, f---," he said. "Should be the state motto of Florida."

In addition to the new album, Primack also discussed the reunions and upcoming bands he loves, but noted that he still loves Yes, Rush and even Jimmy Buffett. "I own every record on vinyl," he tells Lambgoat. "'Coconut Telegraph' [is] my favorite." Now done with the 10 for $10 Tour, Poison the Well will be touring Europe soon, and will hopefully bring their brand of archetypal metalcore back to America soon.

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