In anticipation for their upcoming album 'Lightning Bolt', Pearl Jam recently uploaded an isolated drumming video featuring Matt Cameron for the album's first single, entitled 'Mind Your Manners'. Additionally, the band's YouTube channel also contains a newer clip of guitarist Mike McCready discussing the single's punk-influenced sound.

As the video clearly shows, Cameron is no stranger to hard-edged punk drumming. His upbeat drumming -- courtesy of his Yamaha Oak Custom kit -- infuses the styles of old-school punk and Motorhead-esque early metal, and helps drive the the song's in-your-face riff with a relentless attitude.

Cameron is also a fan of Zildjian cymbals, and tends to gravitate towards their A Series crashes, rides and hi-hats. He also has his own signature line of Vic Firth sticks, which sport a 5B-style shaft with an elongated taper, along with a barrel tip for getting bigger sounds out of his cymbals.

'Mind Your Manners' certainly stands out as one of Pearl Jam's hardest rocking songs in recent memory. McCready claims in the video below that the song was born out his love of harder-edged punk, such as the Dead Kennedys. As such, he wanted his guitar's tone to capture the same type of brash aggression that guitarist East Bay Ray wielded during the band's earlier years. "I wanted it to be as Dead Kennedys as possible," explains McCready.

Like the famed Dead Kennedys guitarist, McCready is also a big fan of Fender gear. The maple-necked, 70's-style Fender Telecaster that he's using in the video is one of many that he's slung across his shoulder throughout his tenure with Pearl Jam. The cranked tweed Fender Deluxe in the video gives him plenty of biting highs and snarling midrange, and when combined with the room's natural echo, the guitarist achieves a tone that's eerily close to the Echoplex-drenched tone that East Bay Ray's ground-breaking tone with the Dead Kennedys.

Watch Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Discuss the Band's 'Mind Your Manners' Single