Pearl Jam's new video for 'Mind Your Manners' concludes with an old-timey voice-over that states, "So let's try counting the number of obvious blunders." That's a bit of an understatement considering what Pearl Jam is selling.

The band's video for 'Mind Your Manners' features the group's electrifying performance, but it's the disaster-ridden backdrop that catches the eye. From global warming melting icecaps to flooding and lightning strikes all the way through wartime destruction and nuclear bombs exploding, Pearl Jam paint quite the picture.

The video, helmed by director Danny Clinch, provides some striking visuals, both animated and live action, with the disasters occasionally stopping just long enough to showcase an American flag with barbed wire on it.

Pearl Jam, one of the most ecological supportive and politically active bands going, used the blistering 'Mind Your Manners' song to drive home a point that some of these items need to be addressed. As the video states at the beginning in voice-over, "Good manners can't be put on for special occasions only." In other words, it's time to stop being polite and take some action.

'Mind Your Manners' is featured on Pearl Jam's upcoming 'Lightning Bolt' album, due Oct. 15 via Monkeywrench/Republic Records. Pre-orders are underway at the band's website.