The countdown clock is still ticking toward Pearl Jam's 'Lightning Bolt' album release date, but late last week the band's fans got another piece of the puzzle. The group tweeted out the track listing for the new album, complete with some intriguing artwork created for each song by artist Don Pendleton.

Each of the illustrations added a little bit more to the experience than the traditional track listing reveal. Every one of the artistic renderings can be viewed via Pearl Jam's Twitter account. In addition, bassist Jeff Ament commented on Pendleton's work, stating, "One of the best things about being in a band is collaborating with each other. Sometimes we go outside the circle and work/play with other artists. Don Pendleton has been one of my favorite visual artists over the past few years and we're honored to work with him on 'Lightning Bolt.' He killed it."

Pendleton's work can also be viewed via the main album art, which debuted earlier this year when the disc's announcement was revealed. It can be seen to the upper left.

Meanwhile, the full album track list reveal finalizes the fact that 'Lightning Bolt' and 'Future Days' -- a pair of songs debuted by Pearl Jam at their Wrigley Field show this summer -- did indeed make the final cut. They join the current single 'Mind Your Manners' as well as 'Sleeping by Myself, ' a cut initially featured on Eddie Vedder's solo album 'Ukulele Songs,' as tracks that have been publicly previewed.

'Lightning Bolt is due Oct. 15 via Republic. Pre-orders for the album are currently available at this location.

Pearl Jam, 'Lightning Bolt' Track Listing

1. 'Getaway'
2. 'Mind Your Manners'
3. 'My Father's Son'
4. 'Sirens'
5. 'Lightning Bolt'
6. 'Infallible'
7. 'Pendulum'
8. 'Swallowed Whole'
9. 'Let the Records Play'
10. 'Sleeping By Myself'
11. 'Yellow Moon'
12. 'Future Days'