We all know Ozzy Osbourne as the Prince of Darkness and the godfather of heavy metal. But he also has another role that we don't see him in very often, and that's grandfather to Pearl, the infant daughter of his son, Jack.

Pearl was born on April 24, but new photos (seen above and below) of Ozzy bonding and spending time with her have been posted online. Pearl is getting so big! She's also quite the looker.

She's already a metal fan, as she is wearing a Black Sabbath shirt in the shot where grandpa lifts her over his head. The metal DNA runs through her veins.

Check little Pearl sitting on her grandpop's hip, too! That look of wonder in her eyes as she sucks her thumb is adorable and priceless, but it's the ear-to-ear grin on Ozzy's face that's the most striking thing about the photo.

This is not Ozzy's first time at the grandparent rodeo. He has other grandchildren, courtesy of his offspring Jessica and Louis, who were the products of his previous marriage. His "BS" -"Before Sharon"- union, that is!


Grandpahood certainly agrees with our favorite bat-biter.

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