Is Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's 31-year marriage coming to an end?

On Sunday (April 14), Britain's The Sun newspaper claimed that the rocker and his wife were on the brink of a divorce, reporting that the two were living apart -- Ozzy in a small rented apartment and Sharon at a Beverly Hills hotel a few miles away -- and had not seen each other in three weeks.

"They aren't acting like husband and wife," a source told the paper. "It is unusual to not even have dinner together when both of them are five minutes apart."

The paper also noted that the two had been photographed recently without their wedding rings and Sharon was seen unpacking her stuff from a moving truck at a new house.

On top of all the mysterious photographers and reports, some tweets suggested that the couple was indeed going through a tough time.

Their daughter, Kelly, tweeted on April 7, "Why does every family in the world have that 1 member that will never get it and is completely ignorant to life in general? #FamilyIsFunny"

And then Sharon opened up about her own struggles to be happy, writing to her Twitter followers during a Q&A session, "I've had a really tough yr & I ask myself the same question, how can I get up every day & smile."

Despite reports and evidence suggesting otherwise, Sharon's rep quickly put the breakup rumors to rest, explaining that although Sharon is living in a hotel right now, it's for "work" purposes while Ozzy is busy with the band.

"They've both got huge work commitments," the rep told the paper. "She is at the hotel for work and he is starting his Black Sabbath tour. Of course they fight but they are still together. Sharon and Ozzy have spent long periods of time apart before when she was working in the U.K. The marriage is not on the rocks."

Their son, Jack, has also come to their defense, writing on his Twitter page, "It's all bullshit. Last time I check a lot of British newspapers weren't amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on..."

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