The Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach, Calif. was all but transformed into a mini-version of Ozzfest Tuesday night as the metal icon Ozzy Osbourne kicked off the first night in a nine-city book tour to promote his latest release, "Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy."

Based on his ongoing Rolling Stone magazine advice column, the book is a humorous blend of brutal honesty and off-the-cuff life lessons that Ozzy has been writing about both in the United States as well as in the UK for The Sunday Times.

A thick line of fans wrapped around the building and the moment the "Prince of Darkness" appeared, inside the fans went crazy.

Jeanne Ferrara, Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble told Noisecreep, "It was a pleasure to welcome Ozzy Osbourne back to Barnes & Noble Huntington Beach. As Ozzy approached the event area, the excitement level increased to maximum levels and customers were chanting "Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy." It seemed at times, the atmosphere was more like a rock concert rather than a book signing.

Watch Ozzy Osbourne at His Book Signing

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She added that this crowd was comprised of more than just heavy metal kids.

"Families with several generations in attendance approached the signing table with tears in their eyes because they were so excited to meet him - many were fulfilling a dream. All ages attended the event - from great-grandparents to babies. Ozzy took extra time with children and those with special needs ensuring they received additional attention. Some customers camped out in front of the store starting at 3am to obtain their wristband for their place in the signing line."

From Huntington Beach, the tour winds through San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, before heading west to Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas and then a swing up to Northern California.

'Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy' is available now.