Citing everyone from Torche and Converge to Isis and Mogwai as influences, O'Brother craft the kind of songs that defy the usual genre tags. Their wildly eclectic sound has helped them share live bills with bands like Manchester Orchestra, The Dear Hunter and Cage the Elephant. Signed to Favorite Gentlemen, the Atlanta-based quintet will be releasing 'Garden Window, their debut album, next week.

O'Brother is currently out on tour with Thrice, a band known for reinventing its sound every few years. "I think that is one thing we all respect about Thrice, the way they've evolved over the years. We would never want to release an album of songs that sound the same, much less three or four. I think trying to recreate the same thing over and over again would begin to feel a little stagnant after a while," O'Brother vocalist/guitarist Tanner Merritt tells Noisecreep.

Noisecreep wants you to experience their music for yourself, so we got our hands on 'Lo,' a track off 'Garden Window.'

Listen to 'Lo' From O'Brother

"'Lo' was the first song we had written with a more traditional song structure – whereas most of our songs up to that point had been longer with less repeating sections. The goal was to write a song that was a bit more accessible than the rest of our material, but still sort of summed up the band. Also, lyrically the point was the same. 'Lo' is track two on the album and the lyrics set a foundation for the rest of the record," says Merritt.

Merritt is thrilled with the response O'Brother has been getting on the Thrice tour. "It's been amazing, we definitely couldn't ask for a better tour to be on right now. Thrice's fans are really open minded and accepting of the bands they take out. It's the same with the other support bands as well (La Dispute, Moving Mountains)."

Watch O'Brother's 'A Look Inside Garden Window' Video

O'Brother's 'Garden Window' will hit digital retailers on Nov. 15th via Favorite Gentlemen. Pre-order the album at this link.