Formed in 2001, Spanish troop Noctem was borne out of the kind of frustration that makes for great extreme metal songwriting. According to their biography, "It's founders cradled by the ideals of violence exaltation, misanthropy and antithesis to the totality of the absurd religions created this most excellent machine of War , which advances by leaps and bounds among the ranks of a putrid and poor social values infested civilization." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

After a couple of demos and a live record, Noctem released 'Divinity,' their debut album in 2009. Since then the quintet has hit the road hard and shared stages with the likes of Napalm Death, Gorgoroth and Incantation. Earlier this year, Noctem entered the studio to work on their sophomore full-length, 'Oblivion.'

The 11-song album will hit North American stores Oct. 25th and our friends at Metal Blade have sent Noisecreep the crushing 'Universal Disorder' to share with our readers. Check it out below along with an explanation of the song from the members of Noctem.

Listen to 'Universal Disorder' From Noctem

An official statement from Noctem about 'Universal Disorder':

"In this song we combine our thrash metal influences with deep progressions of different chords, always trying to keep the main sound of the band on the surface, visible for everyone.

"About the topic and lyrics, we are focused in the Mesoamerican cultures, specially the Maya. As it's known the Maya possessed a huge universal knowledge, including lunar and solar cycles, creating their calendar. Perhaps the most accurate ever known. This song talks about the prediction of change through the stars, the more arcane mysticism and spirituality through the invocation of ancient deities such as Q'uk'umatz.

"Finally, in the song is named the Platonic year period from 26,000 years, which is the conclusion of a cycle of precession of the equinoxes and announces the change as it occurs today in our days with the arrival of 2012."

Noctem's 'Oblivion' will hit North American record stores on Oct. 25th via Metal Blade.