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Interscope Records

Last year Escape the Fate released their self-titled third album and their Interscope Records. Packed with fan favorites like 'Gorgeous Nightmare' and 'Massacre,' the record has been a steady-seller since it hit stores. In the last year, the Las Vegas rockers have been out on the road with everyone from Bullet for My Valentine to Seether. As busy as Escape the Fate is right now, drummer Robert Ortiz still took time out to take part in Noisecreep's 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

'...And Justice for All'
Metallica (1988)
"This album is everything I needed as an adolescent. I was pissed off, lonely and in search of something that didn't compromise on any level. It's still the album that I look at as the best that music can be. Sure, there's heavier albums, there's more technically advanced albums, and catchier albums, out there, but nothing hits home, nothing is closer to what I want to hear than '...And Justice for All.'"
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'Waking the Fallen'
Avenged Sevenfold (2003)
"This is the soundtrack of my entire high school experience. It was the point in my life when I was figuring who I really wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I was fortunate enough to watch the rise of this band and this album told me that not only is music something I can enjoy, but it was also something I could do with my life."
'Appetite for Destruction'
Guns N' Roses (1987)
"It's hard to say this album changed my life because this album is life to me. It's the first music I can remember. It's the soundtrack to my first steps and is still in rotation. From my parents vinyl to their tape player to my CD player to my iPod to iPhone – it's still my favorite record."
'Night at the Opera'
Blind Guardian (2002)
"I love this one, but this album is more important to me because of what it means to me as a drummer. I learned how to play double-bass with this record. I use still use it often to kick me into shape when I've been slacking. When I can play the song 'Punishment Divine' correctly, I know I'm back on track since it's ridiculously fast."
'The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory'
2Pac aka Makaveli (1996)
"I had a mild interest in hip hop and other types of music before I got into this record. It taught me the power of music to express feelings and not just sound. While I had always known that songs had meanings, this album was pure unfiltered emotion. It hid behind nothing. Sex, violence, fear, ambition, awareness – this has it all."
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