Back in August, Anthrax rhythm guitarist and zombie-flick aficionado Scott Ian took to his blog to detail his experiences shooting a webisode of the AMC series 'The Walking Dead.' The shredder sat in a makeup chair for 90 minutes as makeup artists made him look undead, and while he posted pictures of the transformation, the finished product is finally online.

In the video (after the jump), Ian can be seen scowling at the webisode's main characters, a mother and her two children, as they flee their home and head for the car they hope will take them to safety. The guitarist is only onscreen for a second, but as he wrote on his blog, he took the assignment seriously.

"We got to do the take about six times and after each one I was cheering out loud," he wrote. "I wish we could've done it 100 times. I was so focused on one of the little kid actors, staring at him and thinking 'I am going to eat your f---ing head off you little f---er.' I think the kid could feel my malevolence towards him because he kept looking at me nervously and hiding behind his 'mom.' Sorry kid, I was into my role!"

The webisode -- one of six prefacing the acclaimed show's upcoming second season -- was directed by Greg Nicotero, a renowned makeup artist known for his work on 'Day of the Dead' and 'Evil Dead 2,' among other films.

"The man is the best at what he does and I'm just glad I didn't f--- up his shot," Ian wrote.

The new season of 'The Walking Dead' premiers on Sunday with a special 90-minute episode.

Watch the Webisode of 'The Walking Dead' Featuring Scott Ian