"Being a female-fronted band is [like] describing Eminem as a white rapper," Niki Barr of the Niki Barr Band told Noisecreep. "We're the minority, and therefore those specific terms are used. I like it, actually. I do feel at times that it takes more to prove [ourselves] and impress rock fans out there, but we hold our own."

The Niki Barr Band have a new album called 'Radar Radio' and are playing shows all over the US this spring. The band already has several albums and EPs under its belt, but none of those records took quite as long to write as 'Radar Radio.'

"The writing of ['Radar Radio'] was about two years in the making," says Barr. "We made the mistake of writing until we felt we had the right tunes for the record. That turned into a couple years and 30 to 40 songs that we narrowed down to 10. The next record will have much more direction and won't take nearly as long. The actual recording of 'Radar Radio' only took us about a month."

One of the things Niki Barr is most proud of is playing for American troops stationed overseas. They even thank the US military in the album credits for 'Radar Radio.' As the world once again places a watchful eye on North Africa and the Middle East, Barr says she trusts our military more than our politicians.

"As with any war, it is sad to know men and women will die serving. I don't like war and no one does. However, as long as [humanity] struggles with power, corruption, and extremists, there will always be a need for soldiers," said Barr. "American soldiers are bad ass! We had our revolution, and it is obvious when America is put to the test, no one stomps our patriotism and commitment. I trust our military entirely. Now, politicians... that's another story. I think [President] Obama is handling the Libya situation pretty well right now. We are all well aware Iraq was a mistake. That's that."

While on tour, the band also keeps an eye on rising gas prices.

"The [rising] gas [costs are] definitely cutting into our tour money quite a bit, and we're even more careful about what shows we can and cannot do. At $100 a tank, it's tough. We set up a donations page on our website for people to donate funds to our tours this spring and summer."

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