Pulling Teeth - 'Paranoid Delusions / Paradise Illusions' - Deathwish
In this week's upcoming releases Baltimore, Maryland's Pulling Teeth is certainly pulling all the stops with their third full-length release. Collaborating key elements in hardcore, metal, and even a dash of punk this album is sure to please fans of the loud, hard, and fast.
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Battlefields - 'Thresholds Of Imbalance' - Translation Loss
This week Minnesota's very own down-tempo doomers in Battlefields release their latest effort from Translation Loss. In talk show jargon, the band's sound can be best described as the love child of Isis and Converge, but raised by Pelican and is not the father! All joking aside though this is an album worth listening to.

Impending Doom - 'The Serpent Servant' - Facedown
With their sophmore effort dropping in stores this week, deathcore Californians are bringing the metal masses 'The Serpent Servant'. For fans of Winds Of Plague with a positive message in its lyrical content this is an album you need to get your hands on.
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It Dies Today - 'Lividity' - Trustkill
Metalcore fans, start stretching those legs for those ninja kicks! The third full length release from Trustkill Records' It Dies Today comes out this week and with new tracks titled "Thank You For Drinking" already debuted online be sure to return the thanks by purchasing this album.
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Millions - 'Gather Scatter' - Seventh Rule Recordings
Fusing sounds Black Flag and King Crimson in one the Chicago, Illinois quartet debut their first release on Seventh Rule Recordings this week. As I type this I can easily view them filling the ranks with such notable artists as Intronaut and Young Widows, but the sound itself is in a class of its own. My thoughts? They're spaztic - and spaztic is a good thing so base your own opinion and check it out.

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