FLAG vs. Black Flag: a Chat With Chuck Dukowski and Dez Cadena
26 years ago: June 27, 1986, Black Flag played its final show. The last song played at that Detroit gig was a nihilistic run-through of Chuck Berry's "Louie Louie." In the weeks following that, guitarist and band leader Greg Ginn would call singer Henry Rollins to inform the already multi-faceted frontman that he was quitting the band and thus, ending a decade of inventing and ultimately
Billy Talent’s Ian D’sa Talks About Their Upcoming Album
Billy Talent is one of Canada's leading hard rock/pop bands. They sell out stadiums, tours, and are pretty huge in Europe. Guitarist Ian D'sa has had his share of life experiences, starting musical life in high school in an indie band, to mainstream labels like Warner, Atlantic and Roadrunner...
Where Trash Talk Play, There Will Be Blood
"I didn't come to sling salvation/I bring you missiles tonight/Stand by and watch me," Trash Talk singer Lee Spielman screams through the sonic violence of 'Explode,' a track from the band's newest album of frantic hardcore, 'Eyes & Nines, inadvertently capturing the presence of the band and the reckless abandon of their fans. Ha...
It’s Casual Found Video Director Through Chance Coffee Conversation
Most videos have the typical business agreement and path of treatments and recommendations to get made, but not 'The New Los Angles' video from It's Casual. That video came through friendship and chance meetings over coffee. "I knew him six months before I knew he was a video director or he knew I worked at Southern Lord," Eddie Solis recalled to Noisecreep about working with director R

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