King Crimson

‘Metal Evolution': Sneak Peek of ‘Progressive Metal’ Episode (VIDEO)
‘Metal Evolution': Sneak Peek of ‘Progressive Metal’ Episode (VIDEO)
There's always been a dichotomy to heavy metal. While the music is supposed to be hard and fast and primal enough for beer-drinking dudes in parking lots to understand, it's often technical and ponderous -- progressive, as they say. Episode 10 of Vh1's 'Metal Evolution' series focuses on progressive metal, and in our exclusive sneak peek, founding King Crimson drummer Michael Giles talks about whe
Tool Writing New Material for Next LP
Holy Maynard! Could it be true? Tool, who MetalSucks so appropriately called "the past, present and future best band on the planet," are writing material for a new record, working three days a week on new tunes while frontman Maynard James Keenan continues touring the U...

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