The end of May and all of June are crammed with a wealth of metal releases. In fact, these warm months are so metal, they could crap iron ore! With a brand new album from Ozzy Osbourne -- we premiered the single 'Let Me Here You Scream' -- and the first Danzig release in six years, the sixth month of the year earns two very enthusiastic horns up, with essential artists offering up new music.

'Legend' is a term tossed around too much, but it applies to Exodus and Soulfly, both of whom are releasing new platters in May. Nevermore's neo-thrash, Kingdom of Sorrow's sludged out doom and Nachtmystium thoroughly blackened goodness are also key releases that we can't wait to crank in the office to the point where coworkers ask us to turn it down. Bring on the decibels!

May 18, 2010

Anew Revolution -- Imerica (E1)

Blaze Bayley -- Promise and Terror (Candlelight)

Cynic -- Retraced (Season Of Mist)

Danko Jones -- Below the Belt (Bad Taste)

Exodus -- Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Nuclear Blast)

Iced Earth -- Box of the Wicked (SPV)

October File -- Our Souls to You (Candlelight)

Triumfall -- Antithesis of all Flesh (Regain)

May 25, 2010

Aeon -- Path of Fire (Metal Blade)

Dew Scented -- Invocation (Prosthetic)

Diabulus In Musica -- Secrets (Metal Blade)

Dir En Grey -- Uroboros Deluxe Edition (The End)

Griftegård -- Solemn.Sacred.Severe (Van)

Krokus -- Hoodoo (Sony)

Lightning Swords Of Death -- The Extra Dimensional Wound (Metal Blade)

Rosetta -- A Determinism of Morality (Translation Loss)

Soulfly -- Omen (Roadrunner)

June 1, 2010

I Declare War -- Malevolence (Razor and Tie)

Lamb of God -- Hourglass (Epic)

Melvins -- The Bride Screamed Murder (Ipecac)

Axel Rudi Pell -- The Crest (SPV)

June 8, 2010

And Hell Followed With -- Proprioception (Earache)

Brutal Truth -- Need to Control reissue (Earache)

Cardiac Arrest -- Haven for the Insane (Ibex Moon)

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire -- Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation (Prosthetic)

Eyes Set to Kill -- Broken Frames (Break Silence)

Fatal Embrace -- The Empires of Humanity (Metal Blade)

The Funeral Pyre -- Vultures at Dawn (Prosthetic)

The Ghost Inside -- Returners (Mediaskare)

The Haunted -- Road Kill DVD/CD (Century Media)

Heaven Shall Burn -- Invictus (Century Media)

ISTAPP -- Blekinge (Metal Blade)

Keep of Kalessin -- Reptilian (Nuclear Blast)

Kingdom of Sorrow -- Behind the Blackest Tears (Relapse)

Leng Tch'e -- Hypomanic (Season Of Mist)

Mychildren Mybride -- Lost Boy (Solid State)

Nachtmystium -- Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2 (Century Media)

Necronomicon -- The Return of the Witch (Napalm)

Nevermore -- The Obsidian Conspiracy (Century Media)

Pain -- Cynic Paradise (Nuclear Blast)

Pain of Salvation -- Road Salt One (InsideOut)

Thulcandra -- Fallen Angel's Dominion (Napalm)

Watain -- Lawless Darkness (Regain)

Whitechapel -- A New Era of Corruption (Metal Blade)

Wormrot -- Abuse (Earache)

June 15, 2010

In Fear and Faith -- Imperial (Rise)

June 22, 2010

Danzig -- Deth Red Sabaoth (The End)

Enemy of the Sun -- Ceadium (The End)

Ozzy Osbourne -- Scream (Epic)

Sabbath Assembly -- Restored to One (Ajna)

Yakuza -- Of Seismic Consequence (Profound Lore)

June 29, 2010

Anaal Nathrakh -- The Codex Necro/Where Fire Rains reissue (Earache)

And Hell Followed With -- Proprioception (Earache)

Bonded by Blood -- Exiled to Earth (Earache)

Sabaton -- Coat of Arms (Nuclear Blast)

Societys Plague -- The Human the Canvas (Stand And Deliver)

Witchery -- Witchkrieg (Century Media)