Relapse Records has partnered with Perseverance Holdings Ltd. and the family of the late, great vocalist/guitarist Chuck Schuldiner to reissue a bulk of Schuldiner's catalog as well as merchandise. Schuldiner was the singer for seminal, genre-defining metal band Death and the guitarist for Control Denied; he passed away on Dec. 13, 2001 after a long battle with a brain stem tumor.

Death classics 'Scream Bloody Gore,' 'Leprosy,' 'Spiritual Healing,' 'Human,' 'Individual Thought Patterns' and 'The Sound of Perseverance' were released digitally for the first time last week. Relapse will also reissue an expanded version of 'The Fragile Art of Existence' from Control Denied, the more progressive, less deathy Schuldiner project, in late 2010. That version will include bonus tracks, photography and packaging. The label will also issue tunes from Schuldiner's pre-Death band, Mantas.

As if this weren't enough for Schuldiner fans, Relapse will release the final Control Denied album, the long overdue 'When Man and Machine Collide,' which was recorded over a decade ago before Schuldiner succumbed to his bout with cancer. The album was tracked but incomplete and was sidelined by Schuldiner's untimely passing at the age of 34. Many of Schuldiner's fans have been waiting for a taste of this release, and it's coming soon, thanks to the fine folks at the 'lapse.

"'Scream Bloody Gore' was the first CD I ever bought, as the format was new at the time. I am a huge fan and I am honored to be able to be involved with Chuck's legacy. His contributions to the music scene cannot not be overstated," Relapse founder and head honcho Matt Jacobson told Noisecreep about the label's dedication to Schuldiner's material.

Additionally, officially licensed merch from all three bands will also be issued. Bookmark, which is the official Death/Control Denied/Chuck Schuldiner website, for more information.

Of note for guitar geeks is the special Death guitar transcription issue that Guitar World has put out. The mag boasts eight guitar and bass tabs for 'Pull the Plug,' 'Zombie Ritual,' 'Together as One,' 'Spiritual Healing,' 'Flesh and the Power It Holds,' 'Crystal Mountain,' 'The Philosopher' and 'Scavenger of Human Sorrow.' The transcriptions are note-for-note accurate and are accompanied by interviews with Schuldiner's friends and family.

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