Montreal's Neuraxis have gone through a complete overhaul with their lineup. The band revamped its rhythm section, bringing in a new bassist and drummer. "It was absolutely necessary that we change our rhythm section," guitarist Rob Milley told Noisecreep.

"Things are now in a much more positive direction, concerning personal and musical direction with all the members. We did several auditions over a period of three months for drummers and bassists and finally the choice was evident to who deserved to join Neuraxis." Those who deserved to join the band are drummer Olivier Beaudoin and bassist Olivier Pinard.

Once new members fell into place, the band was able to move forward. "So far the new songs definitely have a darker mood," Milley said. "They are shaping up to be more intense and epic than our previous album, 'The Thin Line Between.' Without giving away too much, the vocals are going to be taking on a more important role on the new album."

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