Robert Bloomfield from MyChildren MyBride is currently on the road with the Thrash and Burn Tour. He's chimed in from the early days on the road, and now here's even more 'metal minutia' for you.

Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
[We're] now about half way through the Trash and Burn Tour. Up until the past couple of days most guys on the tour had mostly kept to themselves, at least from what I gather. But when everyone started talking and hanging out it seemed that everyone already kinda knew each other. It is a rare thing to have never met at least one of the bands on a tour you're doing.

Today was different. Most of the bands had lunch together next to the venue at some Irish pub and grill. Good hang outs. But right after lunch, a mean storm cloud came and just emptied all of its rain on everyone's gear! That didn't make anyone's day, that's for sure. Today also consisted of interviews with Fox News. They're also filming tonight's shows. So I'm sure some of the [people] on the tour are feelings the butterflies. During our interview, the lady actually said, "MyChildren MyBride ... is that like an incest thing?" What a way to start an interview!

Rochester, N.Y.
The show has started so early I think everyone will be done before the sun is down. Playing while the sun shines in makes for an awkward show. I don't know whose idea it was to mix drunk metalheads with straight edge hardcore kids, though. They throw a tour like this together and expect everyone to get along?! Haven't we learned anything? But all in all, today is just another hot, sweaty and awesome day of Thrash and Burn ...

And to fill you guys in on the gambling situation, let's just leave it at mcmb can feed their families. People just walking around and say "wanna roll?" and when someone says that you better have money in hand.

Tonight we enter Canada. Let's hope everyone makes it across.

FYI -- I have yet to run into Frankie [Palmeri, of Emmure] doing his vocal warm-ups ... awkward ...

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