Both Emmure's Frankie Palmeri and Attila's Chris Fronzak have had their fair share of beefs over the years, including with each other, but it appears that the two musicians are ready for bygones and could potentially tour together in the future.

The lessening of tensions started with Attila's Fronz appearing on Lambgoat's The Van Flip podcast (heard below) and revisiting the beef with Emmure, stating that he remains a fan of the band and that the problem is essentially with Palmeri. "Long story short, when you go on tour with people and you're spending eight weeks with them, like, in the same room, there's people that are genuinely good people that you get along with and have good conversations with and they're just real fucking people," started Fronz. "And then there's really shitting, weird, disrespectful fucked up people and that was Frankie. He fucking sucks. He's just not good. He's just not a good human and I don't care. I'm not afraid to say it."

Fronzak was asked if he thought the situation was something that could be mended, and the singer stated, "For him, I think it's just a mental issue, just with himself." The vocalist added that they have toured in the past and he would still tour with the band, stating, "I can separate music from personality."

After the podcast aired, Palmeri reached out to Fronzak on Twitter, stating, "Glad to hear we are sharing the same head space...Let's give the people what they want....IF you want a truce, I'll be the first to put my hand in...Ya know, since I'm such a horrible, shitty human being."

Fronz appeared open to the offer, responding, "Let's do it bro. I love your band. Always will. Let's tour. Truce."

Palmeri tweeted back, "Let's meet up before the end of 2019 and air it out. I'll be in touch," with Fronz completing the exchange, offering, "BET. Too many opportunities to be had. Let's crush."

Later, when questioned by a Twitter follower about making nice with Fronz, Palmeri backed up his actions, stating, "I'm in a business that relies heavily on having allies. I gain nothing having some petty beef with Fronzy. Plus, I admittedly was a jerk to him and most of my peers for a long time. I'm past taking out my inner turmoil on other people. Thanks for honestly being honest."

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