Musicians Honor Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray
"Paul Gray was always super-fun to be around," Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian told Noisecreep the day after the Slipknot bassist's body was found in a hotel in Urbandale, Iowa. "He was always smiling and he was always all about the music." Ian spent time rehearsing with Gray in 2005 for the 'Roadrunner United: All Stars' tribute concert to celebrate Roadrunner Records' 25th anniv
Haste the Day, ‘Attack of the Wolf King’ — New Album
Christian metalcore fiends Haste the Day have debuted 'Travesty,' the lead single from their new album, 'Attack of the Wolf King.' The predatorily titled new album will be out June 29 through longtime label Solid State. 'Wolf King' is the band's fifth album, and 'Travesty' features plenty of shred and screamworks, along with lots of melodic finesse...
MyChildren MyBride Got Off the Road to Record ‘Lost Boy’
"It's taken so long to get it out, because we've been touring nonstop," MyChildren MyBride vocalist Matthew Hasting told Noisecreep about the band's forthcoming album, 'Lost Boy.' The band wanted to get the album done, but tour offers took them away from the task at hand, which was writing and recording...
MyChildren MyBride Singer Gets Tattooed on the Road
Taking care of a healing tattoo is a pain. It scabs. You have to keep it moist. You must resist the urge to scratch the itch of flaking skin. You have to be religious about cleaning it. It is, after all, permanent. So it might seem counter-intuitive to get ink while far, far from home, on the road, and touring with your band, playing sweaty, germy clubs...
MyChildren MyBride Recruit YouTube Sensation for ‘On Wings of Integrity’ Video
YouTube sensation Mitchell Davis boasts one of the web video giant's Top 30 Most Subscribed Lists. Davis, a full-time director and performer, has enjoyed a not-too-shabby 67 million combined views of his vids. But it was his Usher cologne/day-in-the-life parody that got him hooked up with MyChildren MyBride, who recruited Davis to film the video for 'On Wings of Integrity' from 2008's 'Unbreakabl
The Red Chord Lose Drummer, Recruits Original Kitman
Boston metallers the Red Chord have lost drummer Brad Fickeisen. However, the departure won't impact the band's forthcoming touring plans, as original Red Chord kitman Michael Justian has returned to the fold. Justian has not publicly appeared with the group since 2004's Maryland Deathfest, and he's since spent time in Unearth, Trap Them, Earth Crisis, Shai Hulud and 108...

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