Vocalist James Vegas of Modern Day Escape checked in with Noisecreep just as his band's tour with Wednesday 13, the ghoulish frontman of the Murderdolls, and Aiden, wrapped. So sight unseen, you already have an image of Modern Day Escape. They're like Black Veil Brides, but more underground and infinitely cooler. Insert evil laugh here.

Vegas was having the time of his life on the road, telling Noisecreep that "it's been f---ing awesome! The kids that have been coming out have been going nuts and killing it every night. They make it worth waking up every day. This tour has been so much fun in itself, not to mention the fact that we were out with two amazing bands who really know how to own the stage, and their fans have welcomed us with open arms."

Watch Modern Day Escape's 'Maybe Holding Hands Wasn't Such a Good Idea' Video

Even though the tour is over, this is not the last we'll see or hear of Modern Day Escape. The Los Angeles-based's frontman is pumped for their new album 'Under the Gun,' which drops March 27, calling it "probably the greatest record to come out since Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' But seriously. This record is just a kick ass, awesome, rock and roll album. Fit for the last year before we all explode in 2012!"

The new album follows the band's 'House of Rats,' which dropped in 2009. Before 'Rats,' there was a self-titled EP. "Things are different due to the change in the lineup. The fact that we have new members now --Mark Burn and Sandra Alva-- and they are both very big fans of classic rock like Marti, Shep and I. That being said, we wanted to bring a more rock and roll feel to this record and smash it into our brand of metal. I think we did a good job of making 'Metal & Roll' or 'Mock & Retal.'"

Vegas, who claims to take influence from Freddie Mercury of Queen, his bandmates and honey badgers, because "they don't give a s---," said you can "bet your sweet ass" we will see the band on tour throughout 2012.