Two founding members of Midwestern post-hardcore band Misery Signals have announced that they're not going to continue performing with the band. According to Lambgoat, guitarist Stu Ross split because he got sick of being in a metal band and switched his energies to pop punk band Living With Lions. Bassist Kyle Johnson has also elected not to return to Misery Signals.

The remaining members-- Ryan and Branden Morgan, along with singer Karl Schubach -- will continue. Ryan Morgan, the band's guitarist, told Noisecreep that while it seems like the core of the band has left, that's not really the case. That's why name change isn't necessary.

"The core of the band is still very much in place," Morgan said. "Stu and Kyle made awesome contributions, but the trajectory of the band remains the same in their absence. If the time came that our sound took a drastically different course, then it wouldn't be Misery Signals anymore, and we wouldn't pretend that it was."

Morgan also maintained that there is no real secret to soldiering on or bouncing back in the wake of membership changes. It's tough to replace bandmates, but it's all Darwinian; the strong do indeed survive.

"When you are a band at our modest level, your whole existence is 'soldiering on,'" he said. "That's a lot of the reason you see lineup changes all over the place. The business is a struggle, and it demands huge sacrifices on the part of the artists to get their work off the ground."

Misery Signals are used to dealing with this issue, as they've been through it before. "We're not strangers to this kind of challenge," Morgan continued. "We've changed our vocalist in the past ... I think we managed to do that gracefully and keep our identity intact. People should have no doubts about this current setback!"

The band will commence working on new material shortly. It's too soon for any teaser info, but Morgan did say, "We're envisioning something with massive scope. Something 'next level.'"

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