Burning Empires, featuring Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy -- yes, Fall Out Boy -- and members of Misery Signals, are releasing a seven inch, which is a rare medium nowadays, but one that has always been beloved in the hardcore scene that the project's members have come up through. The musical endeavor is part of a larger arm called F--- City, where the dudes put out music, clothing, live together and foster the idea of community in the Midwestern music scene.

"I just feel that CDs don't matter anymore and don't really sell, so why not put out vinyl?" Hurley told Noisecreep. "It's exciting, and as a comic collector nerd, it's just really cool to put something out that has weight to it and isn't just a file on your Mac. So we plan on just putting out vinyl for F--- City projects. There will be digital download cards, of course, and I'm sure a few CD will come out, but there will be vinyl as much as possible."

F--- City will also have a clothing line that isn't really like most band-started fashions. "It basically started when Kyle [Johnson] made everyone at the house hoodies in Packer colors for Christmas a few years ago," Hurley said. "Everyone who saw them asked where they could buy them, most likely due to the fact that they say 'f---.' We talked about it and thought it would be fun to do a DIY clothing company to push the philosophy of our family and circle of friends, which isn't some groundbreaking concept, but it's something I don't see as often as I'd like anymore, with just big groups of friends that are family and came up together and will always be there."

As for the name F--- City, it comes from an episode of the critically adored but criminally overlooked TV series, 'Arrested Development.' Hurley said, "The lewd connotation isn't what it's about at all. It's all just about not giving a f--- and partying all day, every day. Friends, family, forever."

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