Middle Class Rut may just consist of two official members, but frontman Zack Lopez says that there is one other person who they consider as the unofficial third member -- director Lance Drake. The auteur has been behind the lens for their two most successful videos -- 'New Low' and the recently released 'Aunt Betty' -- and Lopez tells Noisecreep that their kinship was immediate.

"He's one of the kind of dudes that you hope you meet along the way. You're always looking to work with people that are on the same page as you, artistically and vision-wise and I think Lance is that guy on that side of things," says Lopez. "He's like a member of the band, but he's just the guy that makes videos. It's really easy to work with him as he's got a f---ed up sense of humor. There are images and movies he likes and they're all the same as us."

The guitarist adds that as soon as they found out 'Aunt Betty' was going to be the lead single, they immediately involved Drake in the process of coming up with ideas for the clip. He says of the darkly wry video, "I had always been a big 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' guy and that guy in the wheelchair and the van, I always thought [drummer] Sean [Stockham] would make a really good character in a wheelchair for whatever reason and that kind of became the starting point for this video."

As for the twisted video, Lopez credits his bandmate for turning in a spectacular performance as the clip's titular character. "Sean tore it apart," says Lopez. "He kind of took it to a place you only hope someone would. I mean he was so comfortable and he just BECAME this weird f---in' cracked out Aunt Betty."

Lopez says that the band had a blast with the clip as anytime they are not playing themselves in a video provides more of a challenge and he feels it translates for the viewer as well.

'Aunt Betty' is the lead single from Middle Class Rut's 'Pick Up Your Head.' The disc drops in stores next Tuesday (June 25) and is currently available for pre-order via iTunes. Stay tuned for the rest of our exclusive interview with Middle Class Rut's Zack Lopez.

Watch Middle Class Rut's 'Aunt Betty' Video

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