Earlier this year, Metal Blade Records and Scion A/V joined forces to present a special label showcase at The Glasshouse in Pomona, Calif. The night featured veterans Six Feet Under and Cattle Decapitation, along with newer Metal Blade acts Battlecross, Gypsyhawk, and Pilgrim.

The night was part of a series of celebrations in tribute to Metal Blade Records' 30the Anniversary. Throughout the night, Scion A/V had a crew on hand to conduct interviews with each of the bands for a series of video interviews and record the showcase for a free limited 7" release and digital download/stream featuring a track each from Gypsyhawk and Pilgrim.

Noisecreep is proud to bring you the free download of the new 7" and new video interviews with all of the bands that performed the showcase as well as interviews with members of Metal Blade's staff who offer some insight into the world of the heavy metal music industry.

Watch '30 Years of Metal Blade' Video

Watch 'Metal Blade:Marketing in Metal' Video

Watch 'Metal Blade: Social Media in Metal' Video

Watch Cattle Decapitation Interview

Watch Pilgrim Interview

Watch Six Feet Under Interview

Watch Gypsyhawk Interview

Watch Battlecross Interview

Head over to MetalBlade.com and ScionAV.com for more information.

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