Longtime heavy metal arbiter Metal Blade Records will dip into the alcoholic beverage market this week (Aug. 19-22) when the imprint launches its very own Metal Blade beer, a blonde ale brewed in collaboration with craft beer maker Beer Zombies, at Psycho Las Vegas.

The label revealed this week that the new beer would appear amid the music festival's scheduled performances by Danzig, Emperor, Down and others, meaning Psycho Las Vegas attendees would be the first music fans to get to taste the brew from Metal Blade, the trusted outpost that's released heavy music in an unceasing stream since 1982.

"Needing another reason to attend @PsychoLasVegas?" Metal Blade teased on Tuesday (Aug. 17). "You're welcome. Beyond stoked for our collab with @BeerZombies1! Welcome, Blade Blonde: A perfect balance of hops and malt. 5.5 percent ABV. Keep an eye out!"

A pair of mockup images that accompanied the announcement show what Blade Blonde will look like in a can, a dark outer wrapping bearing the unmistakable modern-day Metal Blade Records logo.

Metal Blade Records was founded by Brian Slagel, who in 2017 told Full Metal Jackie that the label has tried to lead trends in the genre. "We always kind of look forward to whatever the next trend is," he explained, "so in the '90s we definitely stood by our guns with doing metal, which was not overly hugely mainstream popular then, but we still did really well and there [are] lot of great records that came out."

Metal Blade's current roster includes The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, Whitechapel and many more. For more information on Psycho Las Vegas, head to vivapsycho.com.

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