Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine got into a verbal altercation with an audience member during a disruption in the band's show at the Manchester Academy in the U.K. on Wednesday night (June 5).

According to Metal Sucks, the show had to be stopped due to technical difficulties, so the band left the stage rather than stand around doing nothing. During the disruption, an audience member began booing Mustaine, which incensed the temperamental frontman. He lit into the man and had him tossed, but not without a few salty words exchanged first, as evidenced in the NSFW video below.

"You look like Eminem you stupid c---," the frontman barked. "Listen, you guys paid a lot of money to come and see us play and I don't want to stand here in the dark. Part of the whole Megadeth show is us smiling, making that connection with you."

While we aren't sure we've ever seen Megadeth grinning ear-to-ear while playing -- and granted, we don't want 'em too, since it's metal and we appreciate the scowls that come with loud, hard, fast music -- Mustaine definitely went over the top with his retorts. The frontman finished his rant by stating, "Get the f--- out of here. Get this guy out of here ... Come on up here, I've got a big c--- for your face ... Stick that finger right up your a--, you little f----t."

Getting ripped a new one by Dave Mustaine may certainly be a badge of honor or something to boast about to your fellow headbanging friends for some, but it's also a way to get embarrassed. Lesson learned. You don't boo Dave Mustaine.

Watch Dave Mustaine's Verbal Altercation With an Audience Member

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