No one can ever accuse Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine of being politically uninformed. He has been penning politically charged lyrics since the beginning of his career, and political discourse has been at the heart of some of his most provocative anthems.

The singer/guitarist, who found himself facing a backlash and a spate of bad press last year when he intimated that President Obama had something do with the tragic shooting sprees in both Colorado and Wisconsin, has once again sounded off on another hot potato political issue. The topic this time? Chemtrails.

On January 5, Mustaine tweeted: "Shame on the pilots spraying the grid lines in the once beautiful skies of San Diego. Shame, shame, shame! It's aluminum oxides & barium salts. They know what their cargo is. Only a fool or an accomplice would argue the unarguable. #chemtrails."

Clearly, Mustaine is convinced that the chemtrails are toxic and used for nefarious purposes, and he is onboard with the chemtrail conspiracy theorists.

What's a chemtrail, you ask? They are at the heart of a conspiracy theory that suggests that trails left by aircraft are agents of chemical or biological warfare that are released at high altitudes as part of some sort of secret program or experiments sanctioned by the government.

Scientists are quick to dismiss the theory, chalking the trails up to being "condensation trails," which are normal. The science community also says that there is no evidence to support the chemtrail theory.

Mustaine has also stated his belief that President Obama was not born in the United States.

President Obama. Chemtrails. Men's Warehouse. They're all taregets for Dave Mustaine.

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