Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds is indulging his creativity with two other projects: the rockabilly-meets-porno-metal-meets-surf cocktail of Fiend Without A Face and the more country-leaning West End Motel. Fiend Without a Face will release their self-titled debut via Rocket Science. "I had been doing it all, and time was already being spent, so I am just getting around to putting them out now," Hinds told Noisecreep about why the recordings are finally seeing the light of day.

Hinds also says that his love of The Cramps, The Mummies, and '60s psychedelic garage rock served as his influence for FWAF, a project that allows him to flex various musical muscles. "I don't want to be pigeonholed as Mastodon-only musician," he said. "I have passions other than avant garde heavy music. In Fiend, we wear pantyhose on our heads, since were are the fiends without faces. It's one of my other passions, and it's not just about screaming and yelling and bouncing!"

Hinds, who hangs out somewhere between sarcastic and serious during interviews, also hopes that fans of his main band are surprised by his work in FWAF. "That is the point," he says. "I want the shock and awe factor."

The pantyhose that the band members wear on their heads is easy to come by, Hinds says. "We get them anywhere since they are everywhere. Preferably, they're new, but if you have one stashed in a guitar case from the night before, well, that's convenience right there!"

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