Marilyn Manson, who is currently on tour with Butcher Babies, fell ill and collapsed on stage at the TCU Place in Saskatoon in Canada on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The singer collapsed mid-song, while performing one of his biggest hits, "Beautiful People." He was reportedly on his knees and vomited, as well.

The band continued to perform the song but stopped when members of the crew sprung to action, helping Manson off the ground and to the backstage area. At first, there was some fan confusion, thinking that the antics were part of the singer's infamous theatrical stage show. But that was not the case.

Despite the scare, things aren't as terrifying as they might seem. Sources indicate that the singer may be battling the flu, which is afflicting millions of people this season.

See fan-filmed footage from the show below.

Watch Footage of Marilyn Manson Collapsing on Stage

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