Machine Head have found a replacement for longtime bassist Adam Duce, who departed earlier this year. The new bassist is Jared MacEachern. Longtime fans of Machine Head and astute metalheads will recognize the musician's name, as he toured with the 'Head when he was the frontman and guitarist of North Carolina band Sanctity, who released one album ('Road to Bloodshed') on Roadrunner in '07 before splitting.

Sanctity were part of the 2007 'Black Tyranny' tour, opening for Machine Head. MacEachern looked a little different back then, boasting a long mane of fiery red hair. He's shorn now, but he remains as metal as ever!

The musician has already begun the rehearsal process for the band's stint on the Mayhem Festival and he will relocate from North Carolina to Northern California so that he may begin pre-production on the band's upcoming eighth studio album.

MacEachern has a history of performing with Machine F---ing Head, and there was one key ability that he has that set him apart and earned him this high-profile new gig. Back on the 'Black Tyranny' tour, Duce suffered an injury and while a fill-in bassist was found, the band still needed someone who could sing harmony with frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn. Enter MacEachern.

"We had locked in Brandon Sigmund of local boys Hostility to play bass on that tour, but we soon realized we'd need someone to hit the high harmonies," Flynn remembered in a lengthy post on the band's official website. "Our A&R guy Monte Conner recommended Jared since he was already on the tour, and that ended up being a great call. Jared flew out a few days before the tour and rehearsed with us and did great. What was most impressive about the whole thing was that he was doing double duty -- opening for Machine Head with his band at the time Sanctity, and then later singing with us. He would stay sober until after our set, and often get in the van and drive all night. His seriousness and dedication was awesome to see and it stuck with us."

Guitarist Phil Demmel echoed Flynn's previous sentiments, saying, "There were dozens of amazing players, and it was interesting to watch each one take on our tunes. One of our biggest criteria for this gig was to be able to sing the high harmonies. That was our litmus test. And Jared passed with flying colors." Drummer Dave McClain concurred, "Jared came in to the audition and just killed it! Besides being able to nail the bass and vocal harmonies, he also had the vibe and personality to make it feel like we were a BAND again. It was a great feeling and we all knew he was the guy."

The bassist was chosen from 400 applicants who submitted videos. Interestingly enough, MacEachern, who is now looking forward to "making good music with good dudes," was frontman and guitarist for Sanctity, despite playing bass for 22 years. He played guitar out of necessity, a testament to his versatility and adaptability, and his "by any means necessary" personality.

MacEachern eventually quit Sanctity to focus on his daughter, who was born in 2007. It was the open Machine Head gig that brought him out of retirement. Congrats to Machine Head and MacEachern on their new partnership!

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