Lynam, the southern rock trio out of Birmingham, Ala., are currently putting the finishing touches on a live album. The album, called 'Thank You Good Night!,' is due Nov. 30. It will be Lynam's final album, although the band assures fans they "are not breaking up."

The songs were recorded at many different venues all over the country. The band's sound man, Todd "Pee-Nut" Hester, used his laptop with a Pro Tools set up to capture all the action.

Producer Jason Elgin mixed the album. The sound work went down at Synchromesh Studios in Birmingham. 'Thank You Good Night!' will be released on the New Ocean Media imprint.

Lynam will appear on ShipRocked along with bands like Cinderella, Vince Neil, Tesla, Sevendust, Drowning Pool and more. The cruise ports out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., on Nov. 11.

'Thank You Good Night!' track list

1. 'Tanis'

2. 'Better'

3. 'Disco King'

4. 'Save My Soul'

5. 'White Trash Superstar'

6. 'By Your Side'

7. 'Waste My Life' (featuring Brian Vaughn)

8. 'Porn Star'

9. 'Lindsay Says'

10. 'Just Say Anything'

11. 'It's All In Your Head'

12. 'Leave Me Alone'

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