Lynam's fifth album, 'Tragic City Symphony,' came out last August DIY-style. But it was just released with an additional song, 'Get Me Off' and a new eight-page CD insert on a new record label, Mascot/Megaforce. The first single off the re-release is 'Lindsay Says.'

"[The single] is about doing anything and everything to try to get a girl's attention and she could care less," explains Lynam. "She's practically rolling her eyes anytime you try to do something, so you put it down, since she doesn't like you, to [think] 'Well, she's crazy,' the typical guy thing to [think]. But after taking a closer evaluation of it, you realize that she's not crazy; actually, you're the one that's crazy and obsessed."

The track also features a guest appearance by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster vocalist -- and former Underoath frontman -- Dallas Taylor. Members of the band Hinder and Tom Keifer from Cinderella also appear on the song 'Enemy.'

'Tragic City Symphony' was co-produced by Jason Elgin (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Collective Soul) and frontman Jacob Lynam. Elgin worked with Jacob and his bandmates, bassist Mark Lynam and drummer David Lynam (who all use David's real last name) on the previous four Lynam albums. He also engineered the first album by Jacob's previous band, Mars Electric.

Of 'Tragic City Symphony,' Jacob says, "Everything sounds really, really huge. The drums sound like they were tracked in an arena, the guitars are just AC/DC, Mötley Crüe sounding, but as big as the album sounds. The production reminds me of Green Day's 'American Idiot. It's just big and anthemic. Every song on it is something that you can sing along to."

Mixing was also done by Elgin, as well as Mike Shipley (Green Day, Maroon 5) and Beau Hill (Ratt, Stevie Nicks).

The band has upcoming tour dates with Pop Evil, starting Sept. 22 and running into October, interspersed with some headline dates in Alabama.

"The South is absolutely huge," says Jacob. "There is so much area from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas; you can tour every day of the year and hardly repeat any places if you didn't want to. And music is just so big down here -- live music. People go out and they watch bands and support bands. We play absolutely non-stop. We used to play six or seven gigs a week and we did that for a year and a half straight without any breaks, so it's always nonstop for us."

Lynam toured America with management-mates Hinder a few years ago, and they're looking forward to more full-scale touring behind 'Tragic City Symphony.' "We've been going to Michigan quite a bit to play. We have a pretty big fan base there, and it's just been a lot of fun to branch out," Jacob shares enthusiastically. "We notice we're playing in the South an awful lot."

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